Media Usage Log

Ellis Sutton
Mass Communication
Media Usage Log
I think that I use a considerable amount of media per day. Due to not having any friends and my lack of a job, I have plenty of time to watch TV, play video games (which I do not do very often), use my phone, and use my laptop and/or netbook. IF I were to make a rough guess, I probably spend at most half of my waking hours using some sort of media. That would be a range of anywhere from 8 through 12 hours per day. I will keep track of the media I use on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.
A) Cell Phone Use
1) Phone calls: 2 minutes (4 PM on Thursday)
2) Text messaging: 1 minute (2 PM on Thursday)
3) Internet Use: 6 hours (non-consecutively from 8AM to 9PM on Wednesday and Thursday of this week)
4) Other Application Use: 2 hours (non-consecutively from 8AM to 10PM on Wednesday and Thursday)
B) Internet Computer/Internet Use
1) Word Processing: 1 hour (9PM-10PM on Thursday)
2) Web Use: 18 hours (3PM-11PM on Wednesday; 1PM-11PM on Thursday)
3) Blogging: 40 minutes (3PM on Wednesday and 8PM on Thursday)
4) Email: 5 hours (non-consecutively 8AM to 10PM on Wednesday and Thursday
5) Gaming: 0 hours
C)Radio: 0 hours
D) Television
1) Viewing: 6 hours (2PM-4PM and 6PM-9PM on Wednesday)
2) Video Games: 0 hours
3) DVDs: 0 hours
E) Film: 0 Hours
F) Print
1) Newspapers: 0 hours
2) Magazines: 0 hours
3) Books: 0 hours
In conclusion, my media usage more or less turned out to be what I had expected it to be. It does seem rather excessive, but that is only because I have very few other things to do with my life.



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