The first movie/TV show ideas I have shared.

These are the first movie and TV show Ideas I have shared.  I shared them more than three years ago, and although, I have changed them or abandoned since then, because many of them are just very extremely bad; however, I have decided, just for laughs, to share them here.

1. A teenage girl is not allowed to go to a party so she drugs her parents with sleeping pills so that she can sneak out of the house. When she returns home she finds that her parents are dead. She panics and gets her friends to help her hide her parents’ bodies.

2. A woman in an abusive marriage tries various schemes to kill her husband but only succeeds in killing other people. For example, she decided to shoot her husband when he comes home from work, but when he hears her door open and pulls the trigger she finds that she shot and killed her own child. Later she tries to poison her husband with cookies but mistakenly sends them to her other child’s school where there is a bake sell and ends up killing several of the children as a result. Then she tries to set her home on fire, but her other child is killed along with his friends. Finally she sabotages her husband’s car, but he loans his car to his brother and an accident is caused killing several people as a result including the brother. Eventually the woman is tied to the other murders and tries to use the battered woman’s syndrome defense, but because she killed several innocent people no one has sympathy for her. She pleads guilty to her crimes, but still gets the death penalty. I intend this to represent and symbolize that domestic violence hurts everyone.

3. A show about several teen parents. A couple who got married, but the marriage is failing. A couple planned their baby, but hate each other. A girl tries to raise her baby, but the father is a deadbeat. A boy tries to get full custody of his child because the mother is party animal. A girl in an abusive relationship got pregnant because of birth control sabotage. A girl is coerced into giving up her baby by her well-meaning but misguided parents and tries to get her baby back.

4. A woman sets up her best friend with a physically abusive man as a form of revenge. The best friend ends up murdered by the man. The woman feels guilty and found a shelter for battered women in her friend’s name. The woman does everything she can to make sure her role in her friend’s death never comes to light.

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