Characters for Carol, Adriana, and Keisha

When I was ten (almost eleven, possibly), I developed, in my head, an idea for a show about a group of eight, and later five (I was totally uninterested in three of them so I dropped them), pre-teen children going through all of the hilarity that comes with childhood.  I called it Tweens.  According to a definition I had read, the word tweens referred to people aged 8-14; they were pre-teens and young adolescents.  In my head,  I imagine the series spanning from third grade until the end of ninth grade or ages 8-14.  I then decided to conceive a sequel series.  It involved three girls who were antagonists of sorts of the Tweens.  The three girls, Carol, Adriana, and Keisha were the stars of their show, and I imagined their lives and them dealing with all of the trials and tribulations of being a teenager.  Eventually, I sort of forgot about Tweens, or rather rarely thought about them (Maybe I’ll go back to it one day.  Who knows?).  The new show if it were made could stand on its own even without Tweens.  Now I will tell you about the main characters of the show that I have imagined.



Carol is 15.  She is an aspiring actress and longs for stardom.  Carol was born in Hollywood and from a distance witnessed the glamour of stardom.  When she was an infant she appeared in commercials.  Carol was also trained in ballet, tap dance, and jazz dance as well as being classically trained in singing.  Carol is a very optimistic and ambitious person, but at the same time she struggles to avoid being unrealistic in her goals.  Carol will often try to work hard to achieve something, but at the same time, there will be an obstacle in her way.  For example, Carol wants to appear in a professional stage play, but it conflicts with cheerleading and other activities she has.


Adriana is 15 and the fourth of six kids.  She has a very cynical and sarcastic personality.  A hard worker, Adriana takes care of her business because no one else will.  She is the least favorite in her family.  Her parents frequently lavish all sorts of praise and attention o her sibling, Magdalena, Chuy, Javier, and Esperanza, all while neglecting her and treating her like she is unattractive and untalented.  The only exception in her household is her brother Luis.  Luis tends to be rather shy and timid; his family views him as being physically and emotionally weak, and is also the subject of neglect and ridicule from his parents albeit to a lesser extent than Adriana.  Despite her family situation, Adriana never lets his stop her from working towards her goals.  She is on the cheerleading team, she writes for the school newspaper, and dreams of becoming a respected journalist.


Keisha is 15.  Her best friends are Carol Wood and Adriana Rodriguez.  Like them they have been cheerleading since they were young girls.  Keisha is the realistic one of the group, as she lacks Carol’s over-optimism and Adriana’s over-cynicism.  She aspires to be a psychiatrist.  Her career goals were influenced by her mother.  Keisha’s mother gave birth to Keisha at age 16.  She was in love with Keisha’s dad, but he simply used her for sex.  When she became pregnant he matured for Keisha’s sake, but Keisha’s mom never forgave him for that and has since then had a string of unsuccessful relationships.  Keisha is aware that her mother is unhappy, and she seeks to help people like her mother.  Keisha does have a good relationship with her dad, stepmother and two half-siblings.

Keisha’s role, as it were, in the group, is a combination of being a “team mom” and someone who tries to bring Carol down to earth and encourage Adriana to be less cynical.

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