My Love for Classical Music

As I mentioned in my new introductory blog post, I also had plans to talk about music from time to time, even though it is not the main purpose of my blog.  Today I will talk about music.  More specifically, I will talk about classical music.

My love for classical music came from three primary sources.  One the film Fantasia 2000, the sequel to my favorite movie ever, Fantasia.  In late 1999, I first saw commercials for Fantasia 2000, I was entranced by the use of classical music combined with animation.  Early that next February, me and my father and my brother and sister went to see it playing at the IMAX theater at Navy Pier.  That was also the first time I had ever seen an IMAX movie. (Now, it seems like every movie or at least every major movie is released in IMAX format).  I loved it and the experience.

Months later, I rented Fantasia on VHS from Blockbuster (there’s not many of those stores anymore).  I also fell in love with that movie, perhaps more so than its sequel; I suppose in many cases it’s true that original is always best.  Later, I eventually purchased the DVD (months after my aunt gave me the VHS of Fantasia 2000 as a Christmas gift), and enjoyed the experience of that as well as the bonus features which enriched my understanding of the film’s background and history.

Later on my mother introduced me to two cassette tapes from Victoria’s Secret.  They were called Classics by Request, they were performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, and my mom owned the second and fifth volumes.  The second volume included such classic such as Vivaldi’s Spring from The Four Seasons and the second movement of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony (also known as the Pastoral Symphony) which was also in Fantasia.  I loved those cassette tapes very much, and that just cemented my love for classical music more and more.  I eventually found a box set of all five volumes of the Victoria’s Secret Classics by Request on Amazon, and I hope to purchase them one day.

I like classical music because of it’s feeling.  I feel like I am listening to something with a lush texture.  I feel like I am listening to something pleasurable and fun.  I very often listen to it on various music-streaming platforms such as Spotify, Songza, Pandora, and iTunes Radio.  My love for it will always stay.

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