Twisted Reality Shows Show Analysis 2: The Taste

The Taste is a cooking competition reality show series.  It airs on ABC, and it is hosted and judged by Anthony Bourdain, Nigella Lawson, Ludo Lefebvre, and Brian Malarkey.  The format involves the hosts holding blind auditions for candidates of each of their own teams.  The candidates make a dish.  The dish is then brought out to the hosts, who each try it.  They then decide if they want the chef behind the dish to be on their team.  If more than one host picks a candidate for their team, then the candidate picks which team to be on.  If the candidate is picked by none of the hosts, then they are sent home.

After each of the hosts picks four members each for their teams, the real competition begins.  There is also a similar format of blind competition.  The hosts will be given food prepared by their teams and people who are in their fellow hosts teams.  The competition is blind, and therefore, there is a huge risk of the judges potentially sending home a member of their own teams.

Several of the contestants reflect several archetypes.  One woman seems like the “person from a disadvantaged background determined to achieve greatness.” She was raised by a single mother; things were hard for her, but her mother instilled in her a love for cooking.  She considers going through the contest as a way of thanking her mother for all of her sacrifices and love.  Her mother is her inspiration.

Another contestant seemed very quirky.  She met with the judges wearing a tutu that was either pink or red in color (perhaps a combination of pink and red).  She was rejected by all of the judges, though her style of dress was, of course, unrelated; her food simply was not to their liking.

Another woman seemed like a “true artist.”  She says that whenever she cooks she tries to put everything of her being into the dish she is creating.

Within in the episodes that I saw there was no product placement.

The audience seems obvious.  This show is meant for people who have a love for food.  Perhaps they love eating it.  Perhaps they love cooking it.  But I think that it is clear that food lovers may want to at least consider the show.

Based on the episodes that I saw, I think that this is one of those reality shows that actually deserve to be called reality shows.  There is not much drama.  There is nothing that seems hard to believe.  I will give it a 9 out of 10.  If there is anything that is fake, it seems small and perhaps is only used to streamline the show without upsetting its essence.

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