Profile on the Character Miss Raine from Dance Academy and Her Skills as a Leader

This is another assignment from a class.  This is for my Concepts of Human Communication class.  For this assignment we had to profile a TV Character who is a leader, evaluate them and suggest how they could be better at what they do.





The show that I have chosen is Dance Academy.  It is an Australian teen drama television series that focuses on the students who attend a dance school in the city of Sydney called the National Academy of Dance.  A recurring figure of authority in the show is the character Ms. Lucinda Raine, a ballet teacher and later headmaster of the Academy.

Ms. Raine has two types of power: legitimate power and expert power.  Her legitimate power comes from her position as a ballet teacher.  She supervises the the young dancers in order to teach them the skills and techniques they will need to have any hope of becoming professional ballet dancers.  In the second season, she is promoted to headmaster of the Academy   She also has expert power.  She is also a ballet dancer (though the audience never sees her dancing), and therefore, she has plenty of experience and knowledge to train her students.

Ms. Raine is very no-nonsense and strict.  She demands that students follow her rules at all times otherwise, they may not be able to participate in class.  Many of her decision focus on the skills of the students.  One of the characters, Tara is not allowed to dance en pointe near the beginning of the show because her techniques are behind;  Ms. Raine promises to allow her to dance en pointe when she is skilled enough.  A similar case involves the character of Sammy.  At the beginning of the series, he is found to have weak ankles.  Ms. Raine puts him in pointe shoes until they strengthen.  Sammy is embarrassed as generally only female dancers, not male dancers, dance en pointe.

In addition to having special rules for certain students, Ms Raine expects all of her students to follow the rules.  In one episode she bans a student, Abigail from participating in class because Abigail was wearing a sweater over her ballet uniform.  Abigail was secretly embarrassed that her breasts were growing larger and so she was trying to hide them from view.  Abigail lies, saying that she has a cold, and  Ms. Raine gives Abigail a choice to either go to the school doctor or remove the sweater, since Ms Raine needs to be able to see Abigails body so that she can correct her movements.  Abigail returns to class, but refuses to remove the sweater and so Ms. Raine forces her to sit out in class.

Later on, in that same episode, Ms. Raine asks Tara to stand in front of the class, and Tara does so.  She then harshly admonishes Tara for her excessive make up.  (Tara put all that make up on the hide a pimple.)  She reminded the rest of the girls that, make up must be kept tasteful.  Tara tries to reason with Ms. Raine saying that she likes her make up the way it is, Ms. Raine refuses to accept any excuses.

Despite her harshness, Ms. Raine has done several things to support her students.  At the end of the semester, Tara learns that her family is having money troubles and that she will have to move back home. Tara is upset by the news, but she maturely decides to simply give up her dreams of becoming a principal dancer in a ballet company.  Tara tells Ms. Raine that she will leave the Academy because there are more important things to her than becoming a professional dancer.  Ms. Raine knows that Tara does not really want to abandon her dream, and so she awards Tara a scholarship for first-year students.

In the second season, Ms. Raine becomes headmaster of the Academy and becomes more involved in the students’ lives due to her increased role at the school.  Her demeanor changes from stern, harsh and emotionless to more kind, empathetic, and concerned.

While, Ms. Raine is often harsh in personality, she is generally ethical.  However, she has had some question moments.  In the aforementioned scene where she admonishes Tara in front of class for having on too much make up, she is harsh and calls her make up “hideous.”  That seemed like an insult to me.  Later on in a different episode, when Abigail and Sammy are dancing together in class and Sammy accidentally drops Abigail, she tells them to move to the back of the dance room, and says that she is sick of the sight of them.  Later on, Ms. Raine

blames their poor performance partly on Abigail saying that she is “sack of potatoes.”  Abigail blames her weight and eventually developed anorexia, though of course, Ms. Raine cannot be blamed for that?

Nonetheless, Ms. Raine does (deep down) care for her students, and truly wants them to succeed in life as professional dancers  Above all, she is trying instill the values of hard work and determination in her students.

For her class meetings, Ms. Raine demands concentration, organization, proper attire, and obedience.  Most importantly, she expects the students perfect their dancing techniques.  Often Ms. Raine is unwilling to listen to the thoughts of her students; not only that, she feels tries to instill harmony with the students.  She points out that the students have to learn to dance with with others because they are likely to end up working professionally with people they may not like, but will have to get along with in order to make sure they can put on a successful show together.

I think that Ms. Raine is a good character.   Despite her flaws, she is still a caring person, and she wants to help her students become successful as much as she can.

I would recommend that Ms. Raine not insult her students, but over the course of the show, she does improve and becomes much friendlier.




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