Narrative Prose That I Have Written: Jack and Kate

This is second in a series of narratives I have written for an English class.

This narrative focuses on how not respecting the boundaries of the people you are in relationships with can drive them away.



“What’s your problem, Jack?!” shouted Kate.

“You’re the one with the problem!”  Jack snapped back.  He was on talking on his cell phone in an airport waiting for his flight to spend the year studying abroad in Warsaw, Poland

“I can’t believe that you are spending a year studying in Poland and did not even bother to tell me until the day before you left.”

“Well, I knew you would be like this.  You always have to see me.  I never get anytime to myself.”

“You are my boyfriend.  Why be together if we can’t see each other?”

“Kate, you’re suffocating me.  You want us to be together literally every minute of the day.  I moved out of my dorm so that I could move into your apartment because you felt that you could live alone.” That cost me money ‘cause I could not even contractually leave my dorm.”

“Just listen, I need you Jack.

“You need me too much.  We’re over.”  Jack hangs up.


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