Narrative Prose That I Have Written: The Girl in Blue and Her Obsession with Royalty

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone has had a happy holiday season, and I hope that the year 2014 will be miles better than anything they experienced in 2013.

This post is part of a series that will include narratives that I wrote for an English class I took during the Spring 2012 semester.

This was for an English class that specifically focused on composition and rhetoric.  Mainly, the purpose of the class was to refine students’ writing skills with regard to writing about issues, writing narratives and writing descriptively.

Every day at the beginning of class, our instructor would assign a short essay.  Sometimes she would give us a few words, either as part of the assignment at hand or as part of a vocabulary list she had previously given us, and we have to write something around it; if we used words, we were asked to make sure that we give contextual clues to help readers guess the meanings of the words, as the words were not the ones that most people regularly use.  Other times, she would give us a sentence.  In my posts, I will bold, italicize, and underline the words or sentences that she gave us to start the composition.

This one is a short paragraph about a girl who has been accepted to study in a monarchy.



The girl in blue was ebullient with the news she has received.  She had been accepted into a study abroad/foreign student exchange program in a faraway principality.  She was thrilled at the chance of not only getting to live in a foreign country, but also the fact that she would be going to a country that happens to be a monarchy.  Since she was a little girl, the girl in blue was obsessed with royalty.  She considered being plebeian to be boring and would have loved to be a princess and have a more exciting life.  She would collect anything and everything relating to royalty from books about royal families, to Disney Princess merchandise.  On many occasions she used chicanery to get her classmates to believe that she actually was royalty or at the very least related to royalty. The girl in blue knew enough about royalty to know that at certain points in history, some monarchies were not the idyllic, romanticized paradises as portrayed in fantasy movies, TV shows, and books.  Some monarchies would subjugate their people for various reasons such as following certain religious faiths or for protesting laws and policies that were deemed unfair.



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