Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: That’s So Raven

Happy Friday.

Today I will talk about another favorite show from my childhood.  That’s So Raven.

It aired on the Disney Channel and focused on teenager Raven Baxter played by Raven-Symone who was credited as Raven on this show.  She’s like most teenage girls.  She’s into fashion.  She has a little brother who annoyed her.  She likes hanging out with her friends.

But there was one thing that made Raven different.  She has the ability to randomly and unexpectedly receive psychic visions of the future.  Now, one might think that being psychic would make life easier for Raven; however, being psychic causes lots of issues for Raven.  Often, she misinterprets her visions, which leads to a variety of funny situations.

Raven’s state of being psychic is something that is known only by her family and friends.  She has kept it secret from most people out of fear that people would think of her as a freak (In light of Raven-Symone coming out of lesbian last summer, her character’s fear of being outed as a psychic seems to have a brand new subtext, possibly inspired from whatever issues she has in real life with coping and coming terms with her sexuality.)

I was a huge fan of the show, often laughing out loud during the entirety of the episodes and it was a huge influence on me.  I liked the zany sense of humor, and as I imagined shows in my head, I modeled the style of humor on it.  My characters would also often get in odd and bizarre comical situations, including lots of slapstick and other types of physical humor.


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