Brenda Menard

This was one of my favorite characters from Tweens which was the precursor to Carol, Adriana, and Keisha.

Brenda is many things.  She is stylish.  She is charismatic.  She is mean.  But also, she is loyal, helpful, and ultimately a good friend.

I created her as the leader of her group and something of a “mean girl”.  While frequently a jerk to people and even her friends, she still has a heart of gold deep down.

Brenda also can be jealous and competitive.  In fact, I created Carol to be a rival to her.  They competed in every aspect, the cheerleading team, in social situations, anything you can think of.  However at times, they did unite for a common goal. One episode I imagined in my head consisted of Brenda and Carol working together to take a stand against being  rejected from the cheerleading squad due to being in the sixth grade, with only seventh and eight graders being given a fair chance.

All in all, Brenda was one of my favorites due to her brashness and due to having heart.

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