Clarice Mitchell

This is one of my favorite characters.

Clarice from South Side of Chicago High School (SSCHS) [I need to come up with a better title.] is rather complex.

She teaches psychology at the titular school.  A born leader, Clarice has lots of enemies due to her abrasiveness.  But of course she is not all bad.

Clarice, as I created her, is a high school mean girl all grown up.  She was the most popular girl in school.  She was the head of the cheerleading team.  When she returned to the school, she became the type of teacher that everyone hates.  She is truly the same person.  She makes the lives of her students miserable.  She schemes against colleagues.  She manipulates situations to her advantage.

Clarice, for the most part, does not like people.  She only expresses her contempt for her students.  Most colleagues keep their distance from her.

However, Clarice has her moments of altruism.  She is loyal to the few friends that she does have.  She also gives of herself.  Despite being mostly misanthropic, Clarice regularly donates a portion of her earnings to various mental health and LGBT charities.  She is against discrimination of any kind and does her part to make mental health care more accessible.

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