Edmund Sanders

This is one of the main characters of South Side of Suburban High School (SSCHS).

Edmund Sanders is a rookie math teacher.  Wide-eyed and engaging, but also clumsy and socially awkward, Edmund wants to be successful in all aspects of teaching, but will need lots of experience before he can perfect his craft.

Edmund strives for perfection, but rarely achieves it, due to his accident-prone nature.  His father raised him demanding perfection, but again, things rarely worked as planned.  He often injured himself and others as well as causing property damage, and one time during a science fair, his project causes an explosion that sent several people to the hospital; Edmund’s parents paid for the damages and medical expenses to prevent themselves from being sued.   Edmund tried to make his dad proud, but failing to do so has left them estranged.

In school, Edmund was the classic nerd.  He had a crush on Clarice, but as the most popular girl in school, she cruelly rejected him.  Years later as adults, they begin a romance.  Maturity seemed to change the both of them in some way.  Clarice was drawn to him because he was one of only a few people who decided to give her a chance despite her negative character traits.  Edmund found with age, that people are not all bad or all good.  That is the principle he lives buy: trying to find the best in every situation.


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