A to Z Challenge Reflections and Apology

I have to make an apology.  I did not finish the A to Z Challenge.

There were a lot of reasons why.  First, I ran out of ideas that corresponded to all letters of the Alphabet.  My theme was fictional characters I created, or if I did not have characters who begin with certain letters, then my favorite characters.  However, I could not finish due to the lack of further ideas, and also due to the fact that the school semester was drawing to a close, and I needed to focus on that.

I will do the challenge next year, but I will do much better than before.  First, I will choose a theme that I know I can devote the entire alphabet to.  Second, I will plan my posts in advance so that I do not run out of ideas.

I’m sorry for failing to complete the challenge, but this is a learning experience.  And I will use this experience to do better in the future.



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