Logline and Treatment for I Hope She Cheats on You

This is my main project for the screenwriting class that I have been taking this semester.  We have to write part of a screenplay.  This is the Logline and Treatment for the film which is entitled I Hope She Cheats on You, which is altered from the idea, I Hope She Cheats on You With a Basketball Player.  See also: this and this.


An aspiring celebrity psychiatrist suffers a blow to her credibility in advising people on all types of relationships when her famous boyfriend cheats on her with a ditzy heiress.  She plots revenge by befriending the heiress



My film is called I Hope She Cheats on You.  The story focuses on a psychiatrist named Dr. Ginger who achieved worldwide fame when she wrote a self-help on relationships in general called How to Get People to Respond to You Favorably; she hopes to achieve even more fame with her second book, called How to Get Men to Respond to You Favorably, which seeks to help women achieve what they want in relationships, and eventually, Dr. Ginger wants to host her very own talk show.  She has a talent for manipulating people, and she has used her talent to write self-help books, though she writes them in a way where her advice is presented in a manner where she does not outright advise people to manipulate others.  However, when Dr. Ginger’s movie star boyfriend cheats on her with a kind-hearted, but ditzy heiress, she is devastated, not least because her own relationship troubles threatens her credibility.  Wanting revenge, she decided to befriend the heiress, with the goal of manipulating her into cheating on Tommy.  This story is about relationships and people often want them to be successful, but they don’t always work out like they want, and how when people are hurt, they may try measures to make the people who hurt them feel their pain.


Character Set-Up

Dr. Ginger is a psychiatrist who wants to be famous on the level of people who are known for giving advice in the public eye such as Dr. Phil or Iyanla Vanzant.  She is well on her way to achieving that goal with the success of her first self-help book.  However, Dr. Ginger also wants personal success.  She wants to marry her boyfriend, the famous movie star, Tommy Jorgensen, but he seems disillusioned about their relationship.  When she discovers that Tommy is cheated with the air-headed heiress, Sally Van Dyne, she is devastated, but not wanting to lose him to a woman that she is condescending towards because of her apparent lack of intelligence, Dr. Ginger forces Tommy to choose either her or Sally; Tommy chooses Sally.  With this setback coming hot off the heels of the release of her second book, which is about giving women advice in romantic relationships, she fears that she will lose her credibility, and everything that she has worked so hard to achieve in her life.  Dr. Ginger blames Tommy for this, and so she decides to even up the score; she befriends Sally with the intention of manipulating her into cheating on Tommy.  But as she grows close to Sally, Dr. Ginger begin to question what she is doing.


Tommy Jorgensen is a famous actor.  He first met Dr. Ginger when they appeared on the same talk show; Dr. Ginger appeared on the show to promote her book, and he appeared to promote his latest movie.  He admitted to being a fan of the book, and this led to them bonding and eventually moving in together.  However, their relationship hit some snags because Dr. Ginger began using treating him not like a boyfriend, but more like a subject for her book.  Eventually, he cheats with a fellow celebrity, Sally Van Dyne, and they begin a longstanding affair.  Above all, he wants to be with a woman who views him as a human being rather than being viewed a subject for a self-help book.


Sally Van Dyne is often viewed as an idiotic, superficial person.  However, despite how the tabloids depict her, she is a woman who is far less superficial than she might appear.  She is deep.  Sally bonds with Tommy because he sees her as not just an airhead, but as a woman and a human being who is multi-faceted.  She may not be the most intelligent human being, but Sally is a kind and decent human being.  She feels bad about hurting Dr. Ginger, but when Dr. Ginger befriends her, she is happy, but she is too naive, however, to see Dr. Ginger’s ulterior motives.



Dr. Ginger is a psychiatrist who was simply a normal psychiatrist.  She counselled patients, and she prescribed them medication when necessary.  In her spare time, she began writing a self-help book because she found her job to be mundane, and she wanted to be famous for giving advice to people.


This paid off.  The resulting book, How to Get People to Respond to You Favorably, became a smash hit.  The book became a bestseller with 60 million copies sold around the world in several dozen languages.  It was number one on various newspapers’ and magazines’ best sellers, in all eligible categories, for more than 52 consecutive weeks.


One day, while Dr. Ginger is promoting her book on a talk show, she meets the famous movie star, Tommy Jorgensen, who appeared in a different segment to promote his latest movie.  He was also a fan of her book, and they immediately hit it off, began a romance, and they moved in together.


In the meantime, Dr. Ginger has began writing her next self-help book, called How to Get Men to Respond to You Favorably, which seeks to help women achieve what they want in relationships.  Dr. Ginger wants to move onto the next level with her relationship with Tommy: Marriage.  She decides to do a series of many different experiments for her book.  She begins dropping hints about wanting to get married, and she uses these experiences to aid in helping herself in writing the book, which she hopes will surpass the success of the first book.  Dr. Ginger starts using manipulation to get Tommy to propose and change other things about yourself, again to see how this can her help with writing her book.  This starts to make Tommy feel isolated.


Upon the release of Dr. Ginger’s second book, she is happy, and she even dedicates the book to Tommy saying that he was her biggest and most important inspiration.


Then she finds out something horrible.  She walks in on Tommy having sex with Sally Van Dyne, a fellow celebrity and reality TV star, who is known for being very ditzy, and who is an heiress to the Van Dyne hotel chain.  Furious, Dr. Ginger throws them out.


However, when their affair is revealed, Dr. Ginger is publicly humiliated, not least because people are now questioning her credibility to give relationship advice.


She decides to take Tommy back, partially to salvage her professional credibility, and partially because she doesn’t want to lose him, and she tells him to choose either her or Sally.  He confesses that he loves Sally now, and he felt trapped because Dr. Ginger. treated her only as a subject for her book instead of a boyfriend.


Dr. Ginger is hurt over the entire situation, and her second book does not sell as well as the first one.  Wanting revenge, and blaming Tommy for all of her problems, she decides to befriend Sally and manipulate her into cheating on Tommy, so that Tommy knows her pain.


She approaches Sally alone.  Sally is hurt because the press has labeled her as a “homewrecker.”  Dr. Ginger says that she does not blame her for the end of her relationship with Tommy, and that she forgives Sally.  Sally who is a fan of her books, appreciates the gestures, and she accepts Dr. Ginger’s offer of friendship.


As they grow close, Dr. Ginger learns a lot about Sally, about how she feels it’s difficult to live up to her family’s expectations, seeing as she is not exactly what people would consider to be “cultured.”  Sally points out that she is not as stupid as people think she is, but on her reality show, she simply acts that way because that’s how people see her, and that’s how people expect her to act.  She’s not a genius, but she’s not an airhead either.


Dr. Ginger is amazed by Sally opening up herself like that.  She begins to question whether using Sally to hurt Tommy is really worth it.  But when she learns that Tommy and Sally have gotten engaged, her feelings of anger towards Tommy resurface, and she impulsively calls in an anonymous tip to a local tabloid magazine that Sally has cheated on Tommy with her ex-boyfriend.


The fallout is, predictably, devastating for everyone that’s involved.  Tommy and Sally deny the report, and they vow to sue the tabloid for millions of dollars.  Dr. Ginger realizes that she made a horrible mistake, not only because she hurt a relationship, but because she ruined the relationship of someone that she considered a friend.


Realizing what she has to do, Dr. Ginger makes a public confession, that she tipped off the tabloid.  She publicly apologizes to both Tommy and Sally, and she states that she needs to leave the public eye and focus on her own issues before she can responsibly and reputably help other people.


Tommy and Sally, shortly afterwards visit, Dr. Ginger.  Dr. Ginger tells them that if they want to harshly admonish her, she deserves that and far worse.  But they they apologize for ever hurting her in the first place, and they ask if they can start over.  Dr. Ginger is shocked, but she is reluctant to rebuild some sort relationship; nonetheless, Dr. Ginger agrees the try.  The movie flash forward a year, where Tommy and Sally are getting married, with Dr. Ginger as Sally’s maid of honor.  Also, Dr. Ginger had recently released a third and a fourth self-help book dedicated to both Tommy and Dr. Ginger:  How to Be the Best Friend You Can Be and How to Be the Best Romantic Partner You Can Be; in addition, Dr. Ginger has a new boyfriend, and they are taking things slow, but still are happy together.



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