Slow-moving movies

Slow-moving movies.

A while ago I tried to watch a classic film.  It was Rosemary’s Baby, directed by Roman Polanski and first released in 1968.  It seemed interesting to me because it’s one of the most popular horror films out there.  I’m not particularly into the horror genre (I prefer comedy and drama), but I was willing to give it a shot because of its’ reputation, and also because of an interest in the idea of the genre of horror.   I sat down and watched as Rosemary and her husband moved into their new apartment and became acquainted with their neighbors, an elderly couple.  Lots of things happened such as Rosemary and her husband getting used to their new homes and spending time with their couple friends, as well as the two of them discussing having a child.

Then I got bored, and I turned off the movie.

I was only approximately 40 minutes into the movie when I got tired of it.  Rosemary’s baby as a whole is 136 minutes in length.  That is two hours and sixteen minutes.  It just seemed like way too much exposition.  I don’t know; maybe the exposition was proportionate to the length, but still it came across as dull to me, and most importantly, it didn’t help move the plot along.  I know it’s somewhat humorous, but I was constantly thinking on the inside “When is she gonna get knocked up with her devil baby and have it wreak havoc in her life?”  Maybe, I’ll give it another chance one day, and find that it really does deserve all the hype, but one thing I learned from the experience is this:  If you make a movie (or any kind of story in any medium be it TV, literature, and so on), you need make sure that everything that is in the story moves the plot along, and you need make sure that you set the story up in a reasonable time frame, depending on the individual story.