Jack, Jace, Jason, Jake, and Javier

Jack and Jace Takahashi are two characters from Tweens.  As twins, their personalities are as different as their appearances are as identical.  Jack is the mild-mannered, straight-laced twin.  Jace is the brash, somewhat rebellious twin.

Jason Takahashi, a first cousin of Jack and Jace.  He is the nerdy type who relies on intelligence rather than superficiality so to speak.

Jake, Jason younger brother.  A trickster, and obsessed with annoying children who are older than him, including siblings and cousins.

Javier Rodriguez is Adriana’s older brother.  A jock, he is rather arrogant, and takes that out on his siblings, though  like many siblings’ that’s how he shows he cares.

Adriana, Al, Allie, A.J., Arturo, Alma, Alyssa, Amanda, Araceli, and Aimee

Welcome to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.  My theme is the characters I’ve created.  To that end, I will briefly describe them.

Today, I will talk about characters I have created who’s names begin with the letter A, of which there are quite a few.

Adriana Rodriguez, is one of the main characters of Carol, Adriana, and Keisha.  Adriana is a driven, dedicated individual who likes for things to go smoothly and does not take kindly to setbacks.  She is very cynical and sarcastic, but nonetheless works to achieve her goals.

The rest are from the spinoff Luna, focusing on Adriana’s first cousin, Luna

Al and Allie Melendez are Luna’s first cousins via her mother Alma’s side of the family.  They are twins.  Both are perfectionists albeit in different ways.  Al, an amateur filmmaker, is obsessed with making the best films he can make.  Allie is a multi-talented indivdual and born leader, but very often has internal conflicts with feeling expected and wanting to be perfect and wanting be a normal teenage and mess up a few times.  Al and Allie rarely get along with each other, but they do always have each other’s backs when they need each other the most.

A.J. Santiago is Luna’s older brother. An aspiring rapper, he tries to cultivate an image that while influenced by hip-hop culture, also values respect, egalitarianism, and substance.  Luna looks up him, but that’s mainly because she often feels that she is the “least favorite” child in the family due to her accident-prone nature.

Arturo Santiago is Luna’s father.  Working as a surgeon, he is a success story, after growing up as the son of Mexican immigrants who had little.  He is married to Alma who runs a construction business.  As an parent, they want the best for their kids.  However, a common theme in the relationship with Luna and her parents is that they have conflicts due to not just Luna’s flaws, but theirs as well.  Luna tries so hard to be a good daughter, but it seems like nothing ever goes right; therefore, she’s not as close to them as she would like to be.  Arturo and Alma are also to blame for problems as sometimes they can be overly critical of Luna.  But as is a running theme with many of my characters, relationships are ultimately loving and supportive during the most trying of times.

Alyssa Hernandez is the character who most frequently antagonizes Luna.  The most popular girl in school, Alyssa hates Luna for all of the mishaps Luna causes, not the least of which was Luna accidentally killing her pet dog.  Alyssa was involved with turning the school against her because of that.  Luna generally tries to avoid Alyssa, but Alyssa seems to try to antagonize Luna at every opportunity.  However, Alyssa’s issue is really the fact that she lost something valuable to her, and she does not know how to properly deal with that loss.

Amanda is Alyssa’s younger sister.  The opposite of Alyssa she is a nice person.  She generally likes Luna, and Luna does think of her as a little sister, but any attempts she makes to befriend Luna are thwarted by her sister.

Araceli Villanueva is Ricardo’s younger sister.  She is supportive of him being gay, and loves him unconditionally.  They maintain a close relationship, and is always there to defend him against anyone such as people at school and even their parents who are not so okay with homosexuality.  Araceli lives for loyalty and respect and wants that for everyone, no matter how different they are.

Finally is Aimee.  Aimee is a girl at school who does attempt to befriend Luna; however, Luna’s klutziness has stood in the way of that.  Luna tries to help Aimee and do fun things with her, but something bad always happens, making it hard for them to get along.

Revised Characters for Luna

I asked about my planned show, Luna, a spinoff of Carol, Adrian, and Keisha, to see if the characters were stereotypes,  after one person on the Internet told me that they were (she was rather offended), I decided to make drastic changes.  I hope these changes make the characters more nuanced, respectable, and sympathetic.



Luna is 15. She is the most stylish and fashionable girl in her school. Luna has a reputation for causing bad luck wherever she goes.  She is rather clumsy, and despite her good intentions, she always causes problems for people She is for the most part feared and despised by her classmates and her community who are worried about her causing issues such as accidentally injuring them or destroying their property. Luna is not a bad person at all, but she just does not always know how to help others, and so sometimes, her attempts make things worse.

Luna does not get along with her parents because she has often causes trouble for them, due to her clumsiness.  She has humiliated them several times with her accidents such as spilling food on her businesswoman mother’s client, and causing him to get an allergic reaction.

She also has a poor reputation with her friends’ parents.  She once cooked dinner for her friends Lucas and Isaac and their parents; however, she was not a very good cook and she wound up giving them food poisoning, landing all of them in the hospital, and almost killing, their dad in the process.  Lucas and Isaac forgave her, but their parents did not.

Luna is unpopular at school and is a regular target of the two most popular girls in school, Alyssa Hernandez and Hazel Nowicki.  They used to be friends, but Luna accidentally killed Alyssa’s dog and Hazel’s cat.  They never forgave her for that, and spent much of their time turning the kids at school against her, by claiming that she did it on purpose.

Luna is even unpopular with the adults in her town.  For example, at school, she has caused several incidents that ended up hurting the schools reputation such as accidentally locking the principal in his office, preventing him from speaking at an assembly.

Nonetheless, despite constantly causing problems and feeling discouraged by her life, Luna always tries again to make things better.  She is never discouraged for long.



Al is one of Luna’s first cousins.  He has twin sister who is named Alberta, but who is usually called Allie.  Al is a film buff.  He always has been.  He started making short film at the age of three.  Much like his twin sister, he is perfectionist in his film pursuits, always giving them an almost obsessive attention to detail.

His best friend is Lucas Aguilar.  They are close because Al does not have brother, yet (His mother is expecting another set of twins, a boy and a girl, at the start of the show), and therefore they have a bond that is just like the one between brothers.

Al and Allie often argue with each other.  Allie will sometimes behave condescendingly to him because she is two minutes older than.  Nonetheless, like most siblings, they do love each other, and they will always be there for each other when they need each other the most.


Allie, is another of Luna’s first cousins.  She is Al’s twin sister.  She has a type-A personality, and is very active in sports, other extra-curricular activities at school and throughout the community, and is one of the smartest kids in the school.  She is the opposite of Luna and a perfectionist.

However, sometimes, she is not successful due to Luna’s flaws.  For example, she had a paper due, but Luna accidentally destroyed her computer, and Allie failed the assignment since the teacher would not accept late papers.

Nonetheless, Allie is still close to Luna, and know that through everything, Luna does try her best.


Ricardo is perhaps Luna’s gay best friend, and shares her interests in things like fashion for instance.

Growing up, Ricardo had lots of struggles.  He was always feminine in behavior, close to his sister, hung out with girls instead of boys.  He didn’t get along with his parents, especially his father, who felt that his interests were inappropriate for boys.  Ricardo faced bullying in school which intensified in middle school.  It got so bad that he began ditching school to avoid bullies.  His parents found out and angrily confronted the schools about them not handling the bullying.  At this point, Ricardo’s parents began to slowly learn to accept him for who and how he is, and Ricardo’s self-confidence improved to the point that he can now stand up for himself and doesn’t care



Lucas is 15, and plays on the junior varsity soccer team.  He is known as the type of guy who tells it like it is.  He has a measure of being cynical and sarcastic in his personality, though he is still driven to achieve his goals.

When his younger brother Lucas began high school, and joined him on the junior varsity soccer team, there was some jealousy and minor rivalry between the two brothers.  Lucas felt jealous that in some way, Isaac had more skills than he did when he was 14.  Nonetheless, the two brothers remain supportive of each other no matter what


Isaac is 14, and is Lucas’s younger brother.  Though a freshman, he was good enough to be on the junior varsity soccer team.  Thought there was some initial conflict between the two brothers, due to jealousy on Lucas’s part, and a desire on Isaac’s part to live up to his brother’s skills.  Nonetheless, they always support each other, on and off the field.

Isaac is different from Lucas in that he more friendly and engaging than Lucas (not to say that Lucas has a bad personality).  He is a “boy next door” type of guy.  Though, somewhat socially awkward, he is always pleasant in personality.