Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Dexter’s Laboratory

One of my favorite shows from childhood, Dexter’s Laboratory is just great.  Focusing on a young super genius with a secret laboratory hidden in his bedroom, the show featured all sorts of mishaps and misadventures.

Thinking back on the show, there was so much to enjoy from it, from the humor, to the characters, to all of the things that went wrong with Dexter’s experiments.  Dexter could be maniacal, mean, and unappreciative of its but he still had a heart, and was usually well-intentioned.  He was frequently annoyed by his older Dee Dee who often entered the lab to play, often destroying his inventions in the process, but they still loved each other very much and occassionally helped each other out..

Over all, Dexter’s Laboratory was just wonderful, and one best shows on Cartoon Network.

Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Cow and Chicken

Today is Favorite Childhood Shows Friday.  Today, I will talk about another of my favorite shows from my childhood.  That would be Cow and Chicken.

It’s one of my favorites because of it’s sheer goofiness.  The show is about a cow and a chicken who are brother and sister.  Not only that, their parents only have lower-bodies.  Moving on, they like to eat lots of odd items like pork butts and taters, meat pinatas, ice cream con carne, cereals like horse-flavored meat, pork flakes.  They get into strange situations.  There is just off the wall insanity.

Their main adversary is the hilarious Red Guy, who has a different role and alias in each episode.  Red is so funny because his personality is very over the top.  And he never wears pants.   Also, his aliases contribute to the humor, such as Officer Pantsoffski, Baron Von Nein Leiderhosen, Mrs. Bare Derriere, Ben Panced, Ivan Panced, Dr. Laxslax, Professor Hineybottom, Irving J. Slacksoff, Geraldo Rearviewa, Rear Admiral Floyd, and so on.  I think you can notice a theme.

This show is fun to me just because of it’s insanity and its humor and its characters.  Cow and Chicken have a sweet dyanimic.  They don’t always get along, but no matter what, they will be there for each other, no matter what crazy situation they get in such as being held hostage by Head Hunters in Oregon, going to an amusement park that is dangerous for all guests, or performing a school play about Weenies.