My Experiences Shooting My First Short Film

This past Tuesday, November 19, 2013, I finally shot my film for my Digital Filmmaking Class.  However, it was a long and difficult road to get there.

First, I needed to find a cast and crew.  I made attempts to find actresses for my film, but there were many dead ends.  I used a smartphone app called Circle (meant for finding people to to find people in the area to be in the film.  I found two people interested.  I gave them all of the details I had, but only one was interested in actually moving forward.  Later on, I attempted to use that app two find more actresses for all three of my characters, but there was no luck.  I had to constantly tell the one actress I did find, that I had to delay shooting the film.

My professor wanted us to be done filming by the first weekend of November 2013; however, that was not a possibility for me with all of my issues.

I told him about my issues with assembling a cast, and he told the rest of the class about it asking if they could help me.  A woman in my class agreed to play one of the roles.  But I still needed to two more people.

I made several attempts at making casting call flyers and submitting them to find actresses, but they were all rejected.  My main problems were that I submitted them at too short notice and I had plans at the time of filming at home; people might not be comfortbale going to a stranger’s home shortly after meeting them.

I made a renewed search for filming locations on campus and I asked my cousin to play role of Luna; I would have my classmate play both Luna’s mother and aunt.  I found some places, and it seemed like I was set for filming last Friday, November 15, 2013; but then I had to postpone because my cousin had a school assignment.  I let my classmate know, and we rescheduled for the afternoon of Sunday November 17, 2013; however, there was a huge thunderstorm and other severe weather including tornados throughout much of the state of Illinois and the Midwest.  My area just had a thunderstorm, but due to the weather my cousin was not available for filming because she was getting her hair done when the storm hit, and she left for home in the middle of the storm for the sake of safety; she later return to get her hair done after the storm cleared up, but she did not know when she would be done getting her hair done.  Therefore, one again, I had to delay filming.  My cousin did, however, guarantee that she would be available on Tuesday November, 19, 2013, and therefore, I scheduled the filming for that day.

That Tuesday afternoon, I set up the rented filming equipment, while waiting for my cousin.  When she showed up, I introduced her to my classmate, and then we began filmng the first and third scenes, which were set in the same location; there were mistakes of course, but the process was fun.  However, there was a mistake.  I did not check to make sure that I was recording sound; fortnately we later on, we re-recorded the dialogue to edit into the film in post-production.  We filmed the second scene in another location, and then we were done.

The experience was rewarding, and while I have already made several mistakes that I would re-do if I had the chance, I am so proud that I have finally shot a short film.

Beauty Shots

For my digital filmmaking class, we had to shoot at least ten video shots of “beauty from around campus.  This was to teach us how to use cameras and tripods.


I have two identical versions.  One is on YouTube.  The other is on Vimeo.