TV Tropes Tuesday: TV Tropes: Credit Card Plot

This is a common stock plot.

Credit Card Plot is about people getting credit cards, buying lots of things, and then realizing that they are in debt because they bought things that they can’t afford.

Quite simple.

TV Tropes notes that this plot is not as relevant as it is in the past because, assuming that the person is not a child or teenager, most people are responsible with credit cards; they would not blindly fall into debt, generally.  Often when a minor (most often a teenager) makes a

Some examples (There may be spoilers):

In the Sister, Sister episode, “Mo’ Credit, Mo’ Problems,” Tia and Tamera get a credit card with a $500 dollar limit.  Tamera buys lots of clothes for herself and her friends.  Shortly afterward, the twins’ car breaks down in a bad neighborhood, and they don’t have the money to get their car towed due to the card being maxed out.

In The Proud Family episode “Don’t Leave Home Without It,” Penny’s parents give her a card which has a mind of its own and urges her to buy lots of clothes.  Of course, she goes crazy and then goes into debt.  She realizes that she can’t handle the responsibility of a credit card, and she returns every item she bought, and the cuts up the card.  The card comes back to life, finds Penny’s friend Dijonay, and the cycle begins again.

Brandy & Mr. Whiskers had “Payback” where after the concept of money is introduced to the jungle by Brandy, Mr. Whiskers becomes a shopaholic; he is given a credit card by villain Gaspar le Geck, and goes into debt.  Gaspar wants to eat Whiskers since he cannot pay his debt off; Brandy and her friends in the Amazon Rainforest, who have their own stores, give Gaspar all of their money to save him.  Whiskers, however, does not learn his lesson, and offers to buy them expensive gifts as a show of gratitude.

Finally, is an exampled that is twisted to be different.  In the Cow and Chicken episode “Free Inside,” Chicken gets a credit card as a prize in his cereal.  He goes to buy lots of weenies (hot dogs) from a weenie store, but the sales clerk cruelly bereates him because he only has 25 cents of credit.  After buying something he can afford (weenie bubblegum), he and Cow and pursued by a loan shark, who demands interest.

Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Cow and Chicken

Today is Favorite Childhood Shows Friday.  Today, I will talk about another of my favorite shows from my childhood.  That would be Cow and Chicken.

It’s one of my favorites because of it’s sheer goofiness.  The show is about a cow and a chicken who are brother and sister.  Not only that, their parents only have lower-bodies.  Moving on, they like to eat lots of odd items like pork butts and taters, meat pinatas, ice cream con carne, cereals like horse-flavored meat, pork flakes.  They get into strange situations.  There is just off the wall insanity.

Their main adversary is the hilarious Red Guy, who has a different role and alias in each episode.  Red is so funny because his personality is very over the top.  And he never wears pants.   Also, his aliases contribute to the humor, such as Officer Pantsoffski, Baron Von Nein Leiderhosen, Mrs. Bare Derriere, Ben Panced, Ivan Panced, Dr. Laxslax, Professor Hineybottom, Irving J. Slacksoff, Geraldo Rearviewa, Rear Admiral Floyd, and so on.  I think you can notice a theme.

This show is fun to me just because of it’s insanity and its humor and its characters.  Cow and Chicken have a sweet dyanimic.  They don’t always get along, but no matter what, they will be there for each other, no matter what crazy situation they get in such as being held hostage by Head Hunters in Oregon, going to an amusement park that is dangerous for all guests, or performing a school play about Weenies.