A new direction

Hello, all.

About two years I created several blogs on here and on Blogspot/Blogger, Tumblr and the now defunct Posterous.  I was not sure what to blog about or where.  I just randomly blogged about what I was feeling at the given time and then I sort of abandoned it, not being able to come up with anything interesting to post about.

Then in the middle of August, my younger sister suggest that I create a blog devoted to my own interests in education.  She had created her own blog talking about her own interests of video games and anime, and therefore, she felt that I should do the same thing with respect to my own interests.  I created an experimental blog post, but I still was unsure of where to to post it.  I thought that I should try several blogging sites and post to all of them; however, through advice from my sister and various Internet searches, I finally concluded that WordPress is the way to go.  It is easy to share to various social media and blog sites (thought not necessarily to all the ones most people use, however; posting to Blogspot/Blogger would require more effort than I am willing to expend as it requires the use complicated plug-ins from WordPress).

Now that my issue of where to blog is resolved, I have now decided to blog about entertainment.  Specifically, I will talk about TV, film, and books.  Occasionally I might discuss other things like music or other topics I am interested in.

Every since I was young, I was entranced by TV and film.  I pretended to make my own with my imagination and toys.  I even played games with my sister and brother and pretended they were TV shows.  I was constantly coming up with ideas of what make as a TV show or a movie.  I have so many ideas in my head.

Eventually I began writing them down.  However, I was only a beginner at the time.  My skills are not very good.  However, with all things, practice makes perfect.

More recently however, I became interested in books.  I imagined writing books.  It seemed weird to me to imagine being both a filmmaker and an author; however, that may not necessarily be a bad idea.  I have read several websites advising screenwriters with unsold screenplays to consider turning them into novels; the rationale is that if one idea does catch attention in one medium, then perhaps it can work in another medium.  This fall, I re-wrote one of my short films into a short story.  I enjoyed the process, and I will definitely attempt that in the future.  I am attached to my ideas, and I feel that they should be expressed in some way, in some manner, somehow.

To sum things up, this is the direction I will take this blog.  I hope all of you enjoy it, and look forward to some exciting stuff real soon.