A Summary of “It’s Not Always a Wonderful Life” from Freakonomics

Jarecki, Eugene, written and directed, “It’s Not Always a Wonder Life.” Freakonomics Dir. Chad Troutwine. Magnolia home entertainment

A Summary of “It’s Not Always a Wonderful Life” from Freakonomics

            This segment talks about how when crime rates in America was at their highest, and how the rates dropped sharply and why they dropped.  In New York City, for example, the police became more proactive.  Other reasons were increased incarceration rates.  After the Supreme Court ruled anti-abortion laws unconstitutional in 1973, fewer unwanted babies were born; since unwanted babies are more likely to become criminals due to being taken care of less well, they are more likely to do poorly in school, engage in self-destructive behavior, and engage in anti-social behavior.  The segment is neutral but still shows that abortion does play a role in decreasing crime rates; the question now is whether or not our society should use abortion to help lower crime rates.