Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Taina

This is another Nickelodeon show.

Taina premiered in Janaurary of 2001, and it focused on the titular character, 15-year-old Taina Morales, who longs to be an actress and singer.  She comes from a Puerto Rican family living in Queens, and she attends the Manhattan School of the Arts, to work towards her goals.

I began watching the show during the second season.  I found it absolutely hilarious, with all of the characters easily saying witty and funny things.  Another big part of the show was musical numbers.  Every so often, Taina would have a fantasy depicted as a music video performed by her.  This helped reinforce the theme of Taina wanting to be a star.  The show even spawned a soundtrack album.  However, it was not meant to last.  The show was cancelled after two seasons despite being popular.  The supposed reason was that it was not popular enough among boys, and Nickelodeon at the time was more interested in targeting boys.

Nonetheless, none of that diminishes the show in my eyes; it remains smart, funny, and hopeful.

Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: The Brothers Garcia

This another Nickelodeon show.

The Brothers Garcia focuses on a Mexican-American family living in San Antonio, Texas.  The family consists of Larry, the main character who’s older self narrates the show, and who has a dream of being an astronaut; his twin sister Lorena, superficial, and a slight troublemaker; older brother George, socially awkward, but…; oldest brother Carlos, the cool kid of the school; mother Sonia a hairdresser who’s salon is in the home; and father Ray, a college history professor.

The show depicts, in a somewhat zany manner, the Garcia family and their day to day lives, dealing with things such romance, family conflicts, school, and so on.  However, despite all the craziness, the Garcias are always tight-knit and loving.  At the end of every episode Larry’s adult self says in voice over “Todo para la familia.  Everything for the family.”



Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Hey, Arnold

Nickelodeon was an absolute mecca for children’s entertainment.  I was one of countless children who enjoyed it over the years.  One of the shows that was fun to watch was Hey, Arnold!

More than likely, all of you know about it.  It focuses on a nine-year-old boy named Arnold and his life in a city.

I think what caused myself and many others to enjoy this show was its diversity in characters.

Arnold was the main protagonist of the show, but all of the supporting cast had a chance to be the main character several times.  Perhaps, the most developed of them was schoolyard bully/Arnold’s secret admirer, Helga Pataki.  In the episodes centered on her, we saw how her less than ideal home life and upbringing affected all aspects of her life.

But, above all, I enjoyed the show, whether is involved Arnold dealing with Helga, or any of the other characters dealing with their own trials and tribulations, Hey, Arnold was a great show, and one of the best of the 90s