Favorite Childhood Shows Friday: Favorite Childhood Shows: Sailor Moon

A favorite show of mine when I was a child was Sailor Moon.  I think most of you would be familiar with it.  It is a Japanese manga and anime series about a group of teen girls who fight evil under alter egos that are named after the Moon and the planets in the sky.

In Japan, the series was huge.  It was revolutionary for being the first manga/anime to center around magical girls  in a team fighting evil.  It was also one of the first anime series to become popular in America during the 1990s when anime started taking off in the Western World.

The series premiered in Japan in 1992 and ended after 200 episodes across 5 seasons in 1997.  It first premiered in America in 1995, but it was not until 1998, when it began airing as a part of Cartoon Network’s anime/action-block Toonami, that it became hugely popular in the west.

It aired until 2000.  The  fifth and final season never aired in any English-speaking country.  A couple of years later, the American rights expired, and the show was unavailable legally in America.

However, now in anticipation of a Sailor Moon reboot, the original is available on Hulu uncut, uncensored, and undubbed.  Not only that the entire series, including the fifth season, will be re-dubbed (The original dub is often considered subpar due to censorship and other changes to make the series more suitable for a Western audience.).

Thinking back, I enjoyed the show because of its well-drawn characters and action.  In the past 4-5 years, I began researching the show and watching some episodes on YouTube.  It was fun to relive those episodes.  Now, that the show is available on Hulu, in its original form, that gives even more inventive to enjoy this show all over again.