Jack, Jace, Jason, Jake, and Javier

Jack and Jace Takahashi are two characters from Tweens.  As twins, their personalities are as different as their appearances are as identical.  Jack is the mild-mannered, straight-laced twin.  Jace is the brash, somewhat rebellious twin.

Jason Takahashi, a first cousin of Jack and Jace.  He is the nerdy type who relies on intelligence rather than superficiality so to speak.

Jake, Jason younger brother.  A trickster, and obsessed with annoying children who are older than him, including siblings and cousins.

Javier Rodriguez is Adriana’s older brother.  A jock, he is rather arrogant, and takes that out on his siblings, though  like many siblings’ that’s how he shows he cares.

Characters for the Eccentrics

In approximately the fall of 2007, I was a junior in high school.  I developed a new idea for a TV comedy.  It was to focus six teenagers who are what people would consider to be odd.  I titled it The Eccentrics.  I really felt close to the idea because I was and still am the type of person who is “not mainstream” and I felt like I was an outcast in high school, who did not really fit in or belong.  I’ve been thinking about this idea every since then.  I have several episodes memorized in my head.

However, I feel that things are still not good enough.

I feel like that the premise is not original.  I need to come up with a way to give it an original and unique angle.  Also, not all of the main characters are even fully developed.  I still don’t have much of an idea on how to make some of them strange and unique.  I have three girls and three boys as the main characters.  The three girls are well-developed, though I think one of them is too strange to be plausible, especially with her personality and activities; however, the three male characters are not as well-developed as I would like them to be.  Two of the  boys are not very eccentric; the other is well-developed (he is partially based on myself), but I don’t think that he is eccentric enough.

However, I will share my character profiles here in hopes of getting some advice.

Characters for The Eccentrics


Cyan is 16, tall, slender, and black.  She is an ultra-intelligent, over-achieving perfectionist, but certainly not one that is ordinary.  Basically, she is obsessed with the color she is named after.  Cyan lives and breathes the color cyan and all of its shades to the point that she dyed her hair cyan, everything piece of clothing, everything in her room her room, every accessory she has is a shade of cyan.  Her obsession, however, makes her something of an outcast among her the other studious students of her school.

Cyan is the oldest of three children.  She has a 14-year-old sister named Magenta.  Magenta has a generally mean demeanor.  She is embarrassed by Cyan and is not shy about putting down Cyan, her friends, or anyone in general.


Andrew is 16, tall, and black.  His passions are books, be they physical books, audio books, or electronic books.  He aspires to be an author and has submitted several manuscripts to publishers, but they have all been rejected.  Andrew has a rather cold demeanor in addition to his own social awkwardness.  He is quiet and stoic; he generally avoids expressing his emotions.  He is very shy and so acts cold and rude towards other people save for his five best friends.  He does this as a defense mechanism, but he does generally have genuine contempt for people he considers to be lowbrow or who in his view waste their lives or are beneath him.

Andrew is raised by a single mom.  She is similar very socially awkward and has generally unsuccessful friendships and romances.  The circumstances under which Andrew was conceived are somewhat unusual.  In college, his mom met his dad.  She was instantly infatuated with him, but because of her quirks and social ineptitude, he continually rejected her advances.  Her obsession for him was so great that she resolved to herself to always have a piece of him.  She spied on him while he was having sex with her girlfriend, and when they left their apartment she snuck in and stole his used condom from the wastebasket so that she would inseminate himself and become pregnant with his child.  However, shortly after getting pregnant she lost contact with Andrew’s dad.  She raised Andrew on her own, and despite often denying it, he wished he could reunite with the dad who never knew he existed and felt a measure of resentment towards his mom.


Riley Diamond is 15 and five feet two inches tall.  She was born to a white Jewish dad and a black mom who converted to Judaism.  She has a 12-year-old brother named Zeke.  Riley is to say the least not a normal girl at all.  She is often oblivious of her surroundings and is always in her own little world.  Riley has strange, nonsensical hobbies such as singing songs from cook books, for example, or acting out her dreams or openly imagining poking people to see if something such as chocolate syrup will come out of them or personifying inanimate objects.  She regularly violates social norms and doesn’t seems to understand them.  Her first boyfriend was a boy with freckles and her obsession with counting them and naming them and treating his freckles as individual persons led to the boy and his family to move from Chicago to the suburbs.  Though not judgmental nor arrogant, Riley believes that she is the normal one and everyone else is strange.  Consequently, Riley is be very ditzy, naive, and gullible.  With respect to her gullibility, Riley enjoys helping people who are less unfortunate, but this regularly leads to being scammed; she is so stupid, overly trusting, and out of touch with reality that it is remarkably easy for her to be scammed.  She is so well known in her neighborhood for her gullibility that numerous people try to take advantage of her.

Riley’s relationship with her brother Zeke is a complex one.  Zeke often has to watch out for Riley to make sure her activities and schemes don’t go horribly and fix any damage that she causes.  Zeke often feels resentful of the fact despite being three years younger than Riley, he has to act as a babysitter to her.


Nacho is 15.  He was born to a mother from Mexico and a father from Puerto Rico.  He is fiercely proud of his Mexican and Puerto Rican heritages.  He is girl crazy.


Marissa is 14, four feet eleven inches tall, thin, and the daughter of Mexican immigrants.  Marissa is an artist and non-conformist.  She enjoys taking all of the conventions of the world, artistic and otherwise, and totally subverting them.  She creates works of art in a variety of forms such as paintings, sculptures, on the computer and even the clothing she wears.


Rod is 14 and black.  Compared to his friends he is the poorest.  He lives in a housing project, but he is certainly not the type of person one would expect to live in the projects.  (Incidentally, Rod isn’t the type of person you would expect to live anywhere in general.)