TV Tropes: Alpha B***h

A while ago I talked about the website TV Tropes and how much I like using it.  I also said that I would talk about my favorite tropes from time to time.  For this post I will do just that.  I will discuss the trope known as “Alpha B***h.”  This trope is a character type.  It refers to school girl who is the most popular girl in school and who is mean to those who are unpopular.  She does things like insulting people she considered lame or unfashionable.  She will also spread rumors to assert her social status.  Occasionally an example this character archetype may not be as bad a person as she might seem; she is then known as the “Lovable Alpha B***h.”

Examples of the Alpha B***h include:

Libby from the 1990s sitcom Sabrina the Teenage Witch, who was an antagonist of the title character.  She was originally the namesake for this trope; however, the trope was renamed because she was neither the most well-known or first example of the trope and made her last appearance on the show approximately midway through its run.

Kate Sanders from the early 2000s Disney Channel Series Lizzie McGuire.

Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl.

Courtney Gripling from the Nickelodeon Nicktoon As Told by Ginger was the more lovable type of this character and was generally kind to the title character.

Glee has the characters of Quinn Fabray and Santana Lopez.  A rare male example is the character Sebastian Smythe on that same show; it should be noted that the male equivalent of this trope (male equivalents of female tropes are spear counterparts and female equivalents of male tropes are called distaff counterparts) is called the Jerk Jock and usually bullies his victims by using physical dominance rather than resorting to insults, humiliation, malicious rumors, and the like.  Sebastian Smythe bullied in a social and emotional manner rather than physically most of the time.

Mean Girls.  Need I say more?